Interested companies

What we offer

  • As a corporate partner of the TUM Venture Labs, you will join the ecosystem of innovations of one of the Europe's most renowned technical universities
  • Build relationships with venture talents, who open up tomorrow's markets with their new technologies and scalable business models
  • Utilize early contact to funding teams to anticipate the next technological breakthroughs and participate by investing in startups
  • Become member of the industrial expert advisory board of a TUM Venture Lab and bring in your market perspective
  • Exchange with founding teams, industrial experts, investors and scientists to experience firsthand the technological innovations in Munich and boost the innovative power of your own company
  • Visibly position yourself in the attractive entrepreneurial environment of an excellent university and inspire talents to join your company
  • Enable the translation of technological innovations and scientific breakthroughs into startups
  • Support change of whole industry sectors based on technological advancement and - by that - secure the technological sovereignty of Europe

How your company can join

We are looking for companies with the goal to expand the TUM Venture Labs to become successful incubators. Together, we can speed up the technological sovereignty of Germany and Europe as a whole. We welcome partners, who understand the TUM Venture Labs as an extended department of innovation and development and who want to spark innovative impulses. Become part of a newly developing ecosystem of interconnected startups centers in different deep-tech domains. Contact us to learn about concrete possibilities of engagements ranging from agreements to passive sponsoring up to non-profit donations.