TUM Venture Labs for scientists

Explore opportunities to apply your research results in an entrepreneurial way! Find out that science and entrepreneurship is not an "either/or" question. The TUM Venture Labs support you in exploring different development paths towards an innovative understanding of "Science 2030". 

  • How do you launch an innovative company based on your research findings? 
  • How do you benefit from translating your research results for high-tech spin-offs, and stay involved in research? 
  • How can you as a scientist get involved in the tech entrepreneurship scene and develop your individual skills?

TUM Venture-Lab cross-cutting offers for scientists

Explore how to get a (non-scientific) audience excited about your research

The goal of the Communication Toolbox is to enable participants to communicate their research projects effectively in order to inspire and convince your (non-scientific) audience about your research. The training focus is on specific action through interactive projects and collaboration.

Duration: 2 days
Date and registration via DocGS


Develop a start-up idea in our application-oriented seminars

Experience hands-on interdisciplinary collaboration and develop a holistic high-tech prototype along real customer needs. The challenges you tackle as a team come directly from our industry partners or from academia.

Start: every semester
Duration: 4 months
ECTS: up to 6 ECTS, in numerous study programs 

Learn how to gain customer and user insights, develop creative solution ideas and make them tangible with the help of social prototypes


Start: 28th of April and 02nd of June

Duration: 5 days


Develop a business idea in agile, iterative cycles with live feedback, develop a tested prototype and create a business plan. You will be supported by experienced coaches and lecturers and apply methods such as rapid prototyping and design thinking. 


Start: every semester
Duration: 4 months
ECTS: Up to 6 ECTS, in numerous degree programs


Refine your business concept, prototype and business plan. We support you with business model design, hypothesis testing, startup knowledge, feedback and expert advice. Be one of the selected teams that are ambitious and eager to learn and will have the opportunity to interact directly with industry experts and receive continuous feedback from the instructors.


Start: every semester
ECTS: Creditable in numerous degree programs, check for credibility


Do you have an idea and/or technology with market potential? Do you also meet social challenges and create added value? Then apply for the TUM IdeAward 2020.

The three most promising ideas for spinoffs out of science will be awarded and get the chance to win price money totalling € 37.500.

Further information and registration



Focus on personal growth and develop your methodological skills

The goal of the Team Toolbox is to strengthen your ability to set up your teams and the collaboration and to lay the foundation for a successful remote project. In doing so, you will learn how to proceed with your process, how to operationalize the project through e.g. Kanban, how to select the right tools for collaboration and how to bring relevant stakeholders along. 

Duration: 1 day


The Technology Entrepreneurship Lab is a hands-on 3-month training program in which you learn how to coach teams of founders. Learn coaching skills, sharpen your entrepreneurial understanding in different industries, strengthen your self-reflection and your ability to work together in a customer-centric and co-creative way.


Start: every semester
Duration: 3 months 
Further informations and registration


Learn project management and training skills by planning, organizing and executing multiple business design sprints. Focus on: Innovation, Design Thinking, Teamwork.

Start: Every semester

Duration: 5 days

ECTS: Creditable in numerous degree programs


Register for the courses directly via DocsGS or the respective link, posted below the course description.  
An affiliation with TUM or one of our cooperating institutions may be a prerequisite for some formats at the moment. However, we strive to grant access to all other interested parties as soon as possible.