Events & Networking Opportunities

To support and connect our teams and potential entrpreneurs and to create an inspiring community, a range of events is planned and an overview can be found here.

Upcoming events

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Past Events

"CATALYZE Innovation" Event Series

Catalyze - Innovation is an event for people with an interest in entrepreneurship, new ideas, and the future of chemistry. The goal is to come together, get an impulse from a speaker, and discuss ideas for the chemical industry of the future. We will develop and discuss innovations tackling the topics of innovation variety, automation, and sustainability. 

"CATALYZE your Research" Workshop

This workshop is designed for scientists who would like to learn more about how their research could have an impact in society, what (career) perspectives are part of taking this path and what type of skills are needed in the field of entrepreneurship. The workshop helps you to understand the first steps, to get a glimpse of this exciting path and to gain the basic skills to move in this direction.


Venture Talks is an event-series organized by in which entrepreneurs from chemistry, industrial biotechnology, material sciences and related fields share their unique stories. Both initiatives are focussing on empowering students and researchers from chemistry-related backgrounds to become entrepreneurs and build their own ventures!