ChemSPACE labs and additional infrastructure


In order to optimally support new ideas, we are working hard to provide our researchers and potential founders state-of-the-art labs with good basic equipment as well as access to a broad range of analytics, office space and meeting rooms. For example, teams of the VL ChemSPACE can book and use the boxes in the CRC for confidential talks when they are available. Further details will follow soon. 

Feel free to approach us with urgent questions. 

Coming soon: new common room

We have redesigned our common room according to the wishes of our startups. Nothing here should be reminiscend of the former laboratory function of the room, at the same time, e.g. idea development over a cup of coffee or relaxation after finished work should be encouraged. The room includes a small kitchen area and a comfortable lounge area in our new ChemSPACE colors. There is also a separate area for meetings where, for example, drafts can be presented using a beamer. There's also nothing to be said against occasional movie nights here :)