The mission of the TUM Venture Lab FAB

The TUM Venture Lab Food/Agro/Biotech is the breeding ground for business ideas and start-ups in the fields of agriculture, food technology and biotechnology at TUM. We promote interdisciplinary innovations in the life sciences via research in genetics and biology, through the challenges in the agricultural sector, to the production and process technology of the food and beverages of the future. In our triumvirate of Food, Agtech, and Biotech, we serve students, scientists, and startups seeking not only academic support in these disciplines, but also the appropriate space and technical infrastructure. In light of climate change and its impact on agriculture and forestry, as well as the health implications of dietary habits, we are thus operating in one of the most exciting entrepreneurial fields at present.

The TUM Venture Lab FAB is located in the TUM FACIT Weihenstephan and offers extensive educational opportunities as well as technical support in the form of its own technical facilities, office spaces and laboratories. A dedicated technical center offers teams from the food and agtech sectors in particular extensive opportunities in prototyping or for the production of their own batches. With an extensive laboratory infrastructure, teams - especially from the biotechnology sector - find ideal conditions for the realization of their start-up projects.

Do you have an innovative idea in the fields of agriculture, food, beverages, nutrition, forestry, biotechnology or applied life sciences? Then become part of our community. We support you with our education/venture programs, as well as team matching and funding. After a pre-selection process, teams with the potential for a successful start-up will be hosted in the FACIT at the TUM School of Life Sciences.