Fertical Farming

Climate change, sustainable food security and the demand for regional products are pushing for ever more innovative and efficient ways of food production. What would cultivation systems look like that function in closed material cycles, detached from external environmental conditions? Be it in a high-rise building, a hall, a container or a cupboard. Take a look into the future with us and discover new approaches and concepts for food production and niche agriculture.

Organised by the Competence Network Digital Agriculture Bavaria in cooperation with the TUM Hans Eisenmann Forum for Agricultural Sciences and the TUM FACIT, this event took place on 16 March with interesting talks, insights into forward-looking technologies, an exhibition and a pitch event from start-ups in the field of vertical farming.

The recording of the presentations and a follow-up report are now available on the KNeDL website.

At the pitch event "Go-Vertical", 5 start-ups presented their ideas in the field of vertical farming. The Expert Choice Award was presented by the speakers at the event, as well as the Public Choice Award, the winner of which was chosen by all participants. The winner in both categories was the Constance-based start-up Organifarms, which has developed the harvesting robot "Berry" for strawberry harvesting.

You may also be interested in the interview with Prof. Assenge on the topic of vertical farming link.