Welcome to the Venture Lab Quantum

Mission of the Venture Lab Quantum

The TUM Venture Lab Quantum is the center for innovation on quantum technologies in Munich. We support the translation of world-class research in quantum theory and quantum technologies into scalable ventures. Thus, we take part in securing the technological sovereignty of Europe as well as establishing its global leadership in all central quantum technological areas: quantum computing, sensoring, communication and simulation.

We actively look for teams and individuals with concrete ideas in relevant fields as well as for all students and scientists with a general interest in entrepreneurship and the technologies of tomorrow. Please always feel free to reach out and we'll help you with the selection of the most suitable programs and on your way to a succesful startup!

Our offering

Munich Quantum Valley

The Munich Quantum Valley is joint initative of the bavarian academy of sciences, the Fraunhofer society, the Max-Planck society, the Ludwig-Maximilans university and the technical university of Munich and in close collaboration with further institutions and industrial partners.

Goal of the initiative is to create a unique center for quantum theories and quantum technologies and, with that, to establish Bayvaria and Germany as focal point for future technologies. With its excellent institutions for science and teachig as well as its dynamical startup ecosystem, Munich presents the ideal foundations for the Munich Quantum Valley.

Inside of the Munich Quantum Valley and supported by LMU and Max-Planck innovation, the Venture Lab Quantum plays a central role for entrepreneurial education of scientists and for translation the scientific research into scalable ventures.

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