TUM Venture Lab Robotics/AI Mission

The TUM VL Robotics/AI channels the research-related start-up activities in the field of robotics and machine intelligence (embodied AI) with the aim of promoting the establishment of DeepTech start-ups in this field. For individuals and teams with relevant innovative research ideas and the intention to commercialize these ideas, we lay out a framework to successfully start and scale their venture.

Teams in the Venture Lab Robotics/AI have access to an extensive support pipeline that covers the diverse phases of a start-up journey. This support pipeline provides your team with entrepreneurship education, support in the technical areas of Robotics and AI, venturing backing, space and infrastructure and lastly access to a strong network.

Through tour offerings, the teams will be able to more easily handle topics like prototyping, research transfer, identification of important questions and actual founding. In that manner, the lab fosters and develops the innovation brought in by the teams into a successful and scalable venture or start-up. 

For more detailed information on what we offer to the entrepreneurial teams see the next section. The TUM VL Robotic/AI has access to both central and lab-specific offers to support the founding team. In general, our offers revolve around 4 elements,

  • Education (Technical and non-technical)
  • Venturing
  • Events and Networking
  • Space and Infrastructure

The offer is rounded out with the help of the Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (Technical Education), UnternehmerTUM (Entrepreneurship Education) and the Munich Urban Colab (Space and Infrastructure).

The Robotics/AI-specific offerings are constantly being expanded.