The prototyping of mechatronical solutions requires unrestricted  access to a state of the art mechanical and electrical labs. In collaboration with the Munich Urban Colab we created the new home for the TUM VL Robotic/AI, the Robospace.

RoboSpace is a workshop that serves the development of electrical and mechanical components, the integration of these components into mechatronic subsystems and the programming and testing of the overall system. RoboSpace will allow the teams to create industry level parts in-house and on-demand instead of relying on external suppliers.

RoboSpace is part of the MakerSpace. Our participants have access to the whole infrastructure of the MakerSpace, including not only the MakerSpace at the Munich Urban Colab but the MakerSpace in Garching as well (the two hubs are connected via shuttle). Therefore, they have complete access to all MakerSpace’s facilities including workshops, CAD training rooms and the community area.  Furthermore teams will have access to working and meeting spaces that are available 24/7 at the Munich Urban Colab.