Our Teams

On this page you will find a list of the teams currently supported by the TUM Venture Labs Robotics.



Small trash such as cigarette butts, crown caps, or plastic snippets has a significant impact on the clean appearance of a green space. Currently, this small trash is one of the biggest cost drivers in cleaning, as it is difficult to find and costly to remove. Angsa Robotics offers a solution for this problem with an intelligent and autonomous robot that can remove this waste.

More information can be found here: https://angsa-robotics.com/ 

InduSafe GmbH provides AI-based image processing software solutions to avoid work accident and to increase the safety of workers.

Find more information on: Mehr Informationen auf: http://indu-safe.de/ 

We provide solutions for developers to implement their creative ideas as real robots. Olive-X componenets can be adapted for different use-cases within minutes and are instantly ready to use.

More Information can be found on: https://www.oliverobotics.de/