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GPT-3 Makeathon by

Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly continue to play a dominant role in all industries and in our society in general. Therefore, it is important that this technology is made available beyond the boundaries of computer science, to give more people the opportunity to understand and apply it.

The GPT-3 Makeathon, organized by the student initiative with the support of the TUM Venture Lab SW /AI is a virtual 48-hour challenge in which a team of talented participants from all domains develop a real business case with AI and then pitch in front of an expert jury.

Each team gets exclusive access to the world’s currently most powerful voice AI (GPT-3), developed and sponsored by OpenAI, a company co-founded by Elon Musk.

No programming knowledge or AI experience are required!

The best teams have additionally the opportunity to keep on working on their idea developed during the makeathon as the first startup-teams in the TUM Venture Lab Software/AI ecosystem!