Welcome to the Venture Lab Additive Manufacturing!


The Venture Lab Additive Manufacturing actively supports teams that want to transform innovative research results from the field of additive manufacturing into successful start-ups unleashing the full potential of this key technology to solve the great challenges of our time.

For this purpose, we are always looking for the right teams and talents with tangible ideas in the field of additive manufacturing and related areas, as well as all students and researchers who bring a general interest in entrepreneurship and the technologies of tomorrow. 

Whether you are at the beginning of your studies or at the end of your Ph.D.: Feel free to contact us at any time and we will support you in selecting suitable programs and guide you on your journey to a successful start-up!

Let's print a better future!

Our Offerings

Education - Through special education programs, we close the AM knowledge gap of today and create the AM experts of tomorrow!

Venturing - We guide you through the AM ecosystem and the UnternehmerTUM offerings.

Events & Network - We drive the AM ecosystem and give you the opportunity to connect with the right experts and talents.

Spaces & Infrastructure - Access to AM infrastructure and office spaces.

Our Team

           Dr.-Ing. Sascha Schwarz     Prof. Dr. Peter Mayr           Tim Lüken            Margarete Weißmann
                Operations Director            Academic Director         Venture Director        TUM Start-Up Advisor
                      TUM VL AM                   TUM MAT Chair            UTUM BC          TUM Entreprenurship 

                    Johannes Lauer            Silija Breimann               Leon Hündl              Magnus Baumann
                  Operations Support              Lab Support                  Lab Support            TUM Start-Up Advisor
                        TUM VL AM                    TUM VL AM                   TUM VL AM            TUM Entreprenurship

Our Contributions



“With the Venture Lab Additive Manufacturing, we got the right partner regarding AM ecosystem guidance resulting in important access opportunities in academia, industry and events”.



Team Carbon Atlantis:
“The Venture Lab Additive Manufacturing gives us the valuable opportunity to access 3D printing infrastructure and enables us to print with innovative, new materials such as high-performance polymers, and become AM-experts.”



Team Ucaneo:
The Venture Lab Additive Manufacturing helps us a lot with advanced prototyping in the area of printed microfluidics and biofabrication. The expertise combined with the right scientific expert network is really accelerating our tech development.”



Team Reparto:
“The Venture Lab Additive Manufacturing helped us to sharpen our AM business idea, served us as a valuable expert mentor, and connected us to the right people.”

Our Events

Join our upcoming AMeetUP and connect with the Munich Additive Manufacturing / 3D-Printing ecosystem!

3D Printing Challenges

Shape the future of Additive Manufacturing and be part of the upcoming 3D printing challenges! 


Our current thesis topics:

  • Development and Evaluation of a specialized 3D printing platform using AI models for viscous materials (e.g., silicone, food, ceramics) LINK

Recorded presentations:

  • AMTC 2022: Empowering the next Generation of AM Entrepreneurs and Experts LINK
  • AMTC 2022: Building successful and resilient Start Ups in challenging Times LINK

Stay Informed!

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