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Save the date: 18.10.2022 18:00–22:00


Metaverse Design Lab ‘Building the Metaverse’


The growing interest on web3 developments and metaverse concepts is driven by technology/ social media/ game engineering companies. Though 3-dimensional immersive environments have been part of architectural practice in the past decades, architects remain rather absent in the discussions on building a metaverse. The metaverse design lab seeks to raise awareness in higher education in architecture and foster the engagement and active involvement of architects in a field, which could fundamentally redefine the future profession and practice. It is a testing ground for interdisciplinary work to uncover potentials as well as gaps in current higher education for architecture.


Metaverse Design Lab:

In designing the real world, architects, civil engineers and urban planners are taking significant responsibility for buildings, urban quarters, cities and open spaces. With the advent of the metaverse a new area is opening up for designing and building immersive experiences. 

What role will architects, civil engineers and urban planners play in developing jointly with game engineers, prgrammers, web3 experts, VR/AR specialists and others these new virtual worlds. What responsibility shall they take, what definition of a metaverse will they foster, and what opportunities will they seize?

Discuss in an interdisciplinary three-days design workshop these questions. Define a concept of a metaverse for creative and sustainable human interaction in a frame of 10x10x10. Prototype the metaverse using your tools of architecture, engineering and design. Present your 3-dimensional model at an international conference in Munich with world-leading experts from web3, gaming, 3D animation, visual effects, sociology, management and architecture with the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).


Apply until 30.09.2022.

As Master’s degree student of architecture, engineering, management, informatics, sociology.
With a short motivation letter, why to participate (max. 200 words), a short CV (max. DIN A4 long), a short portfolio of 3 projects of your work at university (if applicable, max. 3MB).

3 ECTS (Elective: AR30382 – Fast Track Design Methods, Chair of Architectural Informatics, TUM School of Engineering and Design ). By submitting your application, you confirm that you have acknowledged the data protection information.



Time & Place:

October 13 – 15, 2022 / Workshop

@TUM Venture Lab Built Environment, Room 2345@0503

8:00 – 17:00 


November 10, 2022 / Pitch

@Munich Urban Colab: MUC.XYZ WEB3 INNOVATION FORUM, 09–10.11.2022

10:00 – 11:00

Entrepreneurial Realities Podcast

Learn from entrepreneurs: Dénes Honus, CCo metr Building Management Systems

Episode Description

In this week's episode, Antoine and Christos, MD TUM Venture Labs Built Environment, meet Dénes Honus, a serial entrepreneur and currently Chief Commercial Officer of metr Building Management Systems. Together, they elaborate on the importance of built environment for societal challenges and the corresponding megatrends that shape the industry.

Starting from Scratch: How to Become a Top Startup in the Built Environment

Open talk with construction industry experts and startups in the built environment.

Andreas Adldinger, Head of Adldinger Group, Simon Schubnell, Co-Founder & CEO of VePa – Vertical Parking and Korbinian Wittmann, manager of BEFIVE by UnternehmerTUM, talk about experiences, challenges and needs to build up a successful and impactful business in the built environment. Thereby they focus on productive collaborations between startups and medium-sized companies. Join an inspiring conversation around your startup ideas with top industry experts.

Moderated by Tobias Förtsch and Christos Chantzaras, Managing Directors TUM Venture Lab Built Environment. With the support of our Platinum Partner Nemetschek Group.

Date: Wednesday, 13th July / 17:00-18:00 via Zoom

Register here:

18.05.2022 HACKtheCITY - Blockkurs

Structured Planning and Creativity Methods (Urban Prototyping Lab)

We need to rethink and disrupt the usage of our resources and change the way how we construct our buildings and cities. A fundamentally new way of erecting, of using materials, of designing and of thinking about our built environment is required.

How would you prototyping a new vision for a circular economy in the built environment?
How do you think about the entire lifecycle of our structures?
How would you treat materials and resources more sustainable?
How can we adapt and disrupt our systems and processes to become circular?
How do you leverage technology to help us make the massive switch?

Are you ready to disrupt an entire industry?

Discuss these topics in a high-impact course and experiment with alternative spatial potentials. Design and develop Urban Prototypes and test them in reallife settings. Together with experts from TUM and beyond, we run the Urban Prototyping Lab as a structured, interdisciplinary design workshop – understand, imagine, develop and test your vision. We will have impulse talks and insights from researchers, urban activists, decision makers, developers and architects. In interdisciplinary teams you will work with other Master degree students from architecture, design, management, informatics, engineering and sociology. Let's hack the linear system together.

You will be guided through this experience by:

Yonne-Luca Hack - ARI / Urban Prototyping Lab
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Lang - Institute of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Design and Building
Prof. Dr. Magnus Fröhling - Professorship Circular Economy
Amandus Sattler - President of DGNB e.V. and Ensømble Studio
Deniz Ispaylar - Cradle 2 Cradle Entrepreneur
Mauritz Remz - Co-founder of Architects for Future

For participation in this course, please send a quick application (200 words) and your CV to


Info-Event: Monday, 02.05.2022 | 16:00 - 17:00
Kick-Off: Monday, 18.05.2022 | 16:00 - 19:00
Hackathon: 02.06 - 04.06.2022 | 09:00 - 17:00
Präsentation: 01.07.2022 | 15:00 - 18:00

Einführung: Montag, 02.05.2022 | 16:00 - 19:00 PFLICHTVERANSTALTUNG

Ort: Kick-Off und Präsentation: Online // Workshop: Präsenz Venture Lab Built Environment

Sprache: Englisch

Voraussetzungen: Keine

Kontakt: Yonne-Luca Hack

Anmeldung: Auf CampusOnline


11.03.2022 Starting from Scratch: How to Become a Top Startup in the Built Environment

Open talk with venture experts and founders in the built environment.

Tanja Kufner, Head of Start Up & Venture Investments @ Nemetschek Group and Dénes Honus, Founder and Business Angel talk about experiences, challenges and needs to build up a succesful and impactful business in the built environment.

Join us in an exciting discussion all around your start up ideas with top industry experts.

Moderated by Tobias Förtsch and Christos Chantzaras, Managing Directors TUM Venture Lab Built Environment.

With support of our Platinum Partner Nemtschek Group.

Fr., 11 March 2022 // 16:00 – 17:00 CET

Online-Event: Please register here!

18.11.21 From Scientist to CEO

How to be a founder in the fields of Civil & Environmental Engineering.

How do we foster innovations and support future entrepreneurs in the built environment industry at scale and in an impactful way?

On Thursday 18.11.21, 17- 18:15 Uhr there will be a TUMentrepreneurship and TUM Venture Lab Info-Session Event for people who are interested in founding a company from a scientist perspective and in the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering as well as Architecture and Design.

Introducing the TUM Entrepreneurship Ecosystem:

  • 17:00 Welcome!
    Prof. Dr. Konrad Nübel, TUM Entrepreneurship Ambassador, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering & Academic Director TUM Venture Lab Built Environment
  • 17:05 TUM Start-up Consulting: From Scientist To CEO at TUM
    - How do we support founding teams at TUM? – Dr. Annette Payr & Florian Abendschein, TUM Start-up Consultants
    - Sustainable Starting-up – Alina Friedrichs, TUM Start-up Consultant
  • 17:25 Patents & Licensing at TUM: What is intellectual property and how can you protect it?
    Dr. Katja Siegers (Consultant TUM Patents & Licences)
  • 17:35 TUM Venture Lab Built Environment – Accelerate your founding idea!
    Christos Chantzaras (Managing Director TUM Venture Lab Built Environment)
  • 17:45 Sucess story: Start-up pitch urbanistic
    Digitalized urban planing – presented by Co-Founder and CEO Nils Seifert
  • 17:55 Think.Make.Start: Create your own start-up idea in two weeks time!
    Julia Hinderink (TMS Program Manager)
  • 18:00 Questions & Answers

18.11.2021; 5 pm s.t., August-Föppl-Hörsaal (N 1080 ZG), Theresienstr. 90, 1. ZG

21.07.21 Zukunftsrat der Bayerischen Wirtschaft - Constructing Our Future.

Der Zukunftsrats der Bayerischen Wirtschaft läd am Dienstag, 27. Juli 2021 von 14:00 bis 17:30 Uhr zum Online Kongress "Constructing Our Future. Planen. Bauen. Leben. Arbeiten" ein.“

Der Zukunftsrat befasst sich 2021 mit dem Planen und Bauen für das Wohnen und Arbeiten der Zukunft. Die Anforderungen
an Gebäude und Infrastrukturen verändern sich mit Blick auf den Klimawandel, den Wandel in der Arbeitswelt
durch die Digitalisierung oder die demografische Entwicklung. Mit technologischen Innovationen stehen neue Möglichkeiten
zur Verfügung. Es gilt, sie gezielt einzusetzen, um bedarfsgerecht, kostengünstig und zugleich nachhaltig
bauen zu können sowie neue Chancen für den Standort zu erschließen.

Das Venture Lab Built Environment steht auf der digitalen Ausstellung von 13:00 - 19:00 für Frage, Diskussionen und Feedback verfügbar.


09.06.2021 - TUM Architecture Research Incubator Event Series

On 09.06.2021 from 9-10 am the TUM Architecture Research Incubator (ARI) want to address the initiative of the New European Bauhaus by the European Commission.

It focuses on how research can drive innovation for sustainable futures. In a series of three events, dedicated to the core principles of the New European Bauhaus: Sustainable. Beautiful. Together.

In the first event, they set the stage for research in sustainability, how innovative start-ups can evolve from.


Cool(er) Cities | A Holistic Environmental Quality Evaluation Workflow

Dr. Jonathan Natanian | studioADAPT

+ TUM Chair of Building Technology & Climate Responsive Design

Plan4Better | Digital Mobility Planning Tools for Cities and Regions

Elias Pajares | Plan4Better

+ TUM Venture Lab Built Environment

TUM for the New European Bauhaus

Martin Luce | TUM Department of Architecture

The talks will be in German or English.

Please find the flyer attached, share and register here.