Teams im TUM Venture Lab ChemSPACE

Following our mission to support innvoative ideas, disruptive thoughts and creative minds we are happy to already have the first amazing and very dedicated teams as part of our TUM Venture Lab ChemSPACE. 

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Entwicklung neuer Antibiotika für die Therapie tödlicher, multiresistenter Infektionen.

Find out more: aBACTER - Chair of Organic Chemistry II (

Contact: Robert Macsics,


alphaSEPT is a next-generation precision medicine

We develop alphaSEPT as first-in-class immune-modulating biopharmaceutial to treat sepsis, an indication with an enormous unmet medical need

Find out more: alphaSEPT — VIP+ (

Contact: : Prof. Matthias Feige, matthias.feige@tum .de


The Revolutionary Clean Energy Solution | Making The Most Of Biogas

Unser innovatives und patentiertes Systemdesign vereint Festoxid-Brennstoffzellen mit katalytischer Methanisierung und CO2-Speicherung, verdoppelt die Stromproduktion mit Wirkungsgraden von 80% und bietet eine langfristige Energiespeicherung durch Erzeugung von grünem Wasserstoff/Biomethan – alles kombiniert mit einer negativen CO2-Bilanz.

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Contact: Dr.-Ing. Stephan Herrmann,


Match is an initiative to accelerate the development of covalent therapeutics.

Established screening methods for novel therapeutics are expensive and slow. Match is a platform technology that does not require expensive analytical equipment, is 10 times cheaper than current methods and has a paralleled process, resulting in a sample throughput which is 75 times faster. On top, the method requires zero confidential information about the target protein.

Find out more: or contact us directly via twitter @match.

Contact: The initative is lead by TUM Almuni Christian Dubiella (@ChristianDubie4) and Philipp Beck (@pilldipp)


SYPOX is the first start-up that electrifies the chemical industry.

Approx. 1.5 % of the world CO2 emissions comes from fuel combustion that supplies heat in high temperature chemical processes. SYPOX replaces burners with electric heating elements thus avoids CO2 emissions.

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